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Print on demand – a great idea for the source of your passive income

Passice income - Print on Demand

Do you run an online store? Are you a blogger or video blogger? Or maybe you are a painter, draftsman or graphic artist, and you create your own art? See how easy you can get a source of passive income with no upfront costs thanks to Print on Demand!


Print on Demand – a source of passive income offers you over 200 different products that you can customize with your logo or custom graphics, and then – sell them in your online store. 

Thanks to simple API integration, all orders placed in your store will go straight to our fulfillment center, where they will be produced and completed – only when someone makes an actual purchase in your store. 

This means that you don’t have to spend a penny on an investment. You do not incur any upfront costs, and you do not need to produce anything in stock. All you have to do is get started! And see how the value of the basket in your store increases.

Print on Demand – how to use it in your business?

Do you run an online store, offering e.g. products for cats? Add t-shirtsmugs or posters printed on demand to your offer. Extending your store’s offer – costs you absolutely nothing. Meanwhile, when someone orders from you, for example, a new cat food, they will certainly be happy to add a T-shirt with a print for cat lovers to the basket. Especially if adding another product to the cart allows reaching e.g. the free delivery threshold.

It is similar with almost every industry! If you have a cosmetics store – you can create your own collection of cosmetic bags with your logo or beautiful graphics. Tourist stuff shop? Add some t-shirts, sweatshirts and mugs with prints for travel freaks to your offer – it’s perfect for a gift. Think how you can use print on demand in your business and take the opportunity to increase your income without any effort!

Print on Demand for Artists

The times of poor artists are long gone. With the current possibilities, you can not only share your art with the world via social media. You can also make money on it, by creating original lines of posters, canvases or prints that you can place on T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, pillows – whatever your imagination tells you.

In this way, you will not only reach more people with your art, but also translate your reach into real income! If you are an artist, you will surely be interested in creating your own collections of all-over print products. In Snapwear you can create amazing garments and home decor products with full print on natural cotton. If you want to check their quality, remember that you can always order a free sample pack.

How to sell art online?

Setting up your own online store is not at all difficult and costly as you may think. Platforms like Shopify allow you to set up a professional online store with all the necessary features to start selling (ordering, handling payments) with absolutely no IT knowledge and for a small monthly subscription fee. You can link to your store on your social media. Shopify also allows you to integrate your store with your social media channels. Thanks to this, customers can buy products with your graphics the way they like – ex. via Instagram or YouTube.

Print on Demand – a merch store for influencers

If you are a creator of online content – you have a popular channel on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok – you may have additional income from the sale of, for example, T-shirts or other gadgets, signed with your name. Certainly, among your fans there will be many people who will be happy to support you, by buying products from your online store. Don’t miss this chance!

Do you think of adding some print on demand stuff to your store? Don’t be a stranger! We are here to help!

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