Cotton Muslin Double Gaze 120gm

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Cotton muslin - light and safe

Double gauze cotton muslin is a delicate and lightweight fabric known for its airy and breathable qualities. The term "double" refers to its construction consisting of two layers of gauze fabric fused together by tiny stitches. That creates a soft and airy fabric with increased durability and opacity compared to single-layer gauze. 

Eco-Friendly and Natural

Being made from natural cotton fibers, cotton muslin is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It is a sustainable choice compared to synthetic fabrics, aligning with eco-conscious values.

Print od demand on muslin

Cotton muslin is receptive to dyes and printing, allowing for vibrant and long-lasting colors. This makes it a preferred choice for creating custom-designed items and printed fabrics.

With a weight of 120 GSM, cotton muslin is considered lightweight and breathable. It allows air to circulate freely, making it suitable for warm climates and comfortable for a variety of uses.

* 1 piece is one linear meter with a width of 135 cm

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