Easy print-on-demand drop shipping and fulfillment warehouse services

1. Go to snapwear.pro app on the Shopify app store

2. Press "Add app" to go to the installation page

3. Accept the consent to install the snapwear.pro app

4. After returning to the our website, select the shop and start adding your products designs

5. All new orders (from your Shopify store) will be synchronized periodically, you can see them in the Orders tab

6. After the payment is made, the order goes to production and then to shipment, and shipment notification email is sent to the customer

The Snapwear plug-in allows you to sell DTG printed products, full print clothing and accessories without the need for your own production facilities. All you need is to have a store on one of the supported platforms and you can get started. The plug-in allows you to constantly update and enrich your store with new products very easily.
Yes, after accessing the plug-in you do not pay any subscription. You only pay for products that are produced for you or your customers
No, the plug-in is only for users with registered businesses
The plug-in can be integrated into stores on Shopify and Presta. In the near future it will be possible to integrate with Woocommerce and other platforms.
All you need is to have a store on the Shopify or Presta platform and integrate it with the Snapwear plugin. It takes a few minutes and after adding products to the store you can start selling.
To all countries in the world. The delivery time depends on the distance from Europe. The whole production is located in Poland.
The Direct to Garment printed production using ready-made clothes is shipped within 3-4 working days. All over or Full print products are shipped within 5-7 working days. Accessories with sublimation or transfer printing within 4-5 days.
Graphics should be prepared in a file RGB Mode 8bit, Size 1:1, Resolution between 200 and 300 dpi, Graphics on a transparent background (only the part suitable for printing should be visible), File format : PNG.
The commissioned production is paid for immediately at the start of production. The plug-in user pays only for clothing or product production. All settlements with the customer are on the store side.
No, the graphics are adjusted to a specific size. When products are published in the store, different sizes are generated.
Additional Branding of products ie with labels and logos will be introduced as the plug-in develops.
The fixed discount offer looks like this: After selling 100 products, the plug-in user receives a 1% discount on the whole production cost . Each additional 1% discount is granted after the sale of another 100 items, up to 1500 items. At this point the plug-in user has a 15% discount. Each additional 1% from this point on is added after the sale of 200 pieces of product. For example, after the sale of 1900 pieces of product you get a 17% discount. After the sale of 2500 products you get a maximum discount of 20% on your production, which is valid for another 365 days. The condition of extending the discount for another period is selling a minimum of 1 product within the next 365 days.

Snapwear offers its clients fully automated direct-to-garment and direct-to-fabric printing. Our unique service offer includes the creation of all-over-print garments and home d├ęcor products. All printed, cut, sewn and dispatched from our factory and drop-shipped direct to you or your customers.

Snapwear is one of the most innovative on-demand production facilities in Europe.

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