Sleeping Bag for babies and kids - Single Jersey

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Product description

A Sleeping Bag for babies and kids

This specially designed sleeping bag made from single jersey is intended to provide a safe and comfortable sleep environment for infants and young children. The design of a Sleeping Bag Single Jersey for babies is tailored to ensure the baby's safety and comfort during sleep. It usually features a sleeveless design, allowing for better air circulation and reducing the risk of overheating. 

Fabric and Material

The sleeping bag is typically made from Single Jersey fabric, a soft and breathable material. Single Jersey fabric is knitted in a way that creates a single layer of fabric with one flat side and one piled side, making it gentle against the baby's delicate skin.


The sleeping bag often zips up at the front,, making it easy to put on and take off. It eliminates the need for loose blankets, reducing the risk of suffocation and promoting a safer sleeping environment.

Full Print On Demand

One of the standout features of our production is vibrant full print design both on polyester and cotton fabrics. The entire sleeping bag can be adorned with captivating, child-friendly prints and patterns that stimulate the baby's senses and create an engaging sleep environment.

Tips For Best Results:

  • Submit transparent PNG files with at least 300 DPI (the higher resolution the better)
  • Calibrate your screen for better color match of your design and print
  • Not sure if your file is ok? Need a hand to make your design? Our support team will be happy to help:


We can’t guarantee an ideal match between your design and print. Make sure your screen is calibrated and use CMYK palette while creating to help it happen

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