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How to prepare for the holiday peak season in Print on Demand (yes, now is the time!)

Print-on-demand-how to prepare for the holiday peak

Yes, the holiday season is still several months away. But it’s never too early to start preparing for the peak season in your e-commerce. Now is the time to get your ducks in a row, if you’re going to satisfy your clients with a flawless customer experience and make a great sales result. Follow our checklist, on how to prepare for the hottest period of the year when you run your Print on Demand business.

The holiday season starts earlier each year. It used to be that the true start of the holiday rush was heralded with the Black Friday. For the several years now, 1 in 5 consumers starts their holiday shopping in October. This year, the rising inflation may push earlier shopping activities, since many consumers may want to spread their expenses over time and avoid higher prices.

What does it mean to you, as a print on demand entrepreneur, is that you also must be ready to meet your customer expectations earlier this year. Start now, and stay ahead of your competition.

Get ready for peak season by working with SNAPWEAR

A reliable provider of print on demand services is essential. We offer you the most popular products in the industry at very attractive prices. If you are not working with us yet, compare our rates with the rates of your current supplier and see, that on some products you can achieve even up to 20% higher margin. If you want to check the quality of our products, order your sample pack now. To do this, register on our website and use the form available in your account, or simply contact our support team.

Snapwear, as one of the few in the industry, offers you all over prints on natural cotton. This gives you the opportunity to create unique, holiday full-print collections, that will captivate your customers. In our offer of full printed products, you will find not only t-shirts and sweatshirts, but also plenty of home accessories. Clothes and home decor products are very popular themes for Christmas gifts. We also give you the opportunity to add your custom branding to your products, so that you can increase your brand awareness. Don’t miss your chance!

Design some new print on demand collections

It’s time to clean up the shelves in your e-store. Analyze your sales from last year. Which products were your bestsellers and which did not attract interest at all. Check the current trends and prepare new some graphics. Now is the time. You can design a new collection of Christmas t-shirts and hoodies, mugs, blankets, bed sets with print on demand. These are very popular Christmas products. Remember to write some gift guide to help your customers make up their minds. Gift guide is also something, that can help you to optimize your website. And here is when we come to another extremely important point:

Optimize your product pages for SEO

Competition never sleeps, but at the peak season it really takes no prisoners.  When there are so many stores out there, that sells very similar products, you need to focus to be the first brand on customer’s radar. Search engine algorithm need some time to see and reward your optimization activities, that is why now is the perfect time to start. Your product descriptions are the perfect place to put some long-tail keywords. Good and honest product description can also reduce number of  returns and complaints.

You should try to optimize your store for such phrases as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas presents for …. (long-tail keywords, as we said). Remember to add correct names to the images that you’re going to add. They also need to contain your keywords.

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E-commerce has its own calendar which is several months ahead of the usual one. Remember to always be a step ahead, and you’ll be able to see the results.

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