Nice To Merch You

Nice To Merch You

How to start your own merch business?

Are you an internet content creator? Do you run an active and popular account on Youtube, Instagram, Tik Tok or Behance? Do you play in a band? Or maybe you are an artist and you create unique art that moves people? Use your talent and your reach to start earning some extra money on Print-on-Demand! It’s time for your own merch store.

Merch store – how to start?

If you already have a strong brand on the internet it is a great opportunity to become a successful merchandiser. You have two paths to choose from. The first one is to do everything on your own. You need to invest not so small an amount of money in designers, logistics, production, warehousing, and customer service. Sounds tough, huh? That’s why we do not recommend this path. It’s not only less affordable but also requires you to devote a lot of time and commitment.

The best solution is Print on Demand. This business model allows you to focus on what you do best – creating your own content. You focus on building and promoting your brand, and we manufacture and ship orders to your fans worldwide. Here’s what the process looks like step by step.

5 steps to your own merch brand

Step #1 Merch idea to start with

Every big thing starts with an idea. You need to decide, what exactly you would like to offer to your fans. Should it be clothes and accessories with your logo, with some graphics, or maybe with a characteristic text that you are famous for on the Internet? If you are an artist, you can sell your art in the form of posters and canvases, or you can create unique eye-catching prints for T-shirts, bags, and mugs.

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Remember, that you can always ask your fans what they might like. Thanks to Print-On-Demand, you can test different designs and products without the upfront costs of producing a misplaced assortment! How cool is that?

Step #2 Your own online store

Nowadays, starting your own online store is super easy. You can choose from many e-commerce platforms, that gives you the ready-made tools to run your store

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They allow you to quickly set up a modern, attractive and user-friendly store and efficiently manage it. It is not very costly. However, it does require commitment. If you do not want to deal with the operation of your store, payments and order management yourself, it is worth entrusting it to some kind of stores hub, that specializes in running merch stores for influencers. They will help you to create your own store and integrate it with your existing website or blog, if you already have one.

Step #3 Integration with Snapwear API

Integrating your online store with our design tool is super easy.

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As a result of the integration, you gain an access to our innovative, super intuitive design tool in 2d and 3d (to create all-over print products). Here you can create your amazing collections of clothes and accessories and add their mockups directly to your store with just one click [see here how to do it]

Step #4 Create first collection

Snapwear offers you over 200 different products – from affordable to premium, you choose what works better for your niche. You choose where you want to put your design. We allow you to brand your products with your own label and printed tags, which will help to strengthen your identification.

Step #5 Earn money!

Ok, so you got your store and your own print on demand collectiosn. Now you can focus on what you like. On making some noise! Inform your fans about your store. Create new collections often, add occasional products, e.g. during the christmas season and so on. Remember that it costs you absolutely nothing! All products will only be produced when someone makes an actual purchase. When this happens, the order from your store will go directly to one of our fullfillment centers. There it will be produced and shipped directly to your fans, anywhere in the world. Thanks to the integration of your store with Sapwear, you can easily settle your orders in the My Account tab.

Quality first

Choosing the right print on demand supplier is one of the most important things. Cooperate only with a wholesaler, whose production quality you accept. It is your brand on the label and it is you who will be judged by your customers after all.

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